Goju Ryu & Kyokushinkai

The immediate answer is Kyokushinkai. We use the term Goju Ryu also because the club was founded using the principles and techniques of both. The founders met Mas Oyama in the 1960’s when he visited the Hartford Karate Club performing a demonstration and instructional class. The style we practice is Kyokushin-kai however we respect the roots of Goju Ryu in our traditions. The Karate we practice is both hard and soft. This means the movements are fluid and only at the instance of an attack do we tense for maximum power. This style of Karate practise minimizes the number of injuries that can occur.

The remainder of this section deals with various aspects of Kyokushin and the Martial Arts in general. This section is intended to give fuller understanding to new students of the goals of their training.