These are the virtues of all Karate-Ka. These twelve virtues are important to the proper training and growth of a Martial Artist. As we move through our training these virtues take on new meaning. We gain depth of understanding and respect for those who have gone before us. Read this list and understand that Karate is a journey encompassing every aspect of your life. Only when you look back will you fully understand the importance and depth of each virtue.

  1. The improvement of coordination
  2. The improvement of self-confidence
  3. The development of self-discipline
  4. The development of respect
  5. The development of the ability to concentrate
  6. The development of sportsmanship
  7. The improvement of good health
  8. The improvement of physical abilities
  9. The development of an understanding of body mechanics
  10. Mastery of proper self-defense techniques
  11. Mastery of self
  12. Mastery of action and reaction